Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan) : On 16 November I attended the Miss and Mrs Punjaban Australia event. The event was a showcase of the Punjabi and Indian culture and also a showcase of the wonderful talents of women participants. It is through events such as these that our unique cultural identity, history, beauty and traditions are preserved, taught to our younger generations and showcased to the broader community. The thing about the event that resonated with me the most was the removal of judging based solely on the appearance of the contestant, instead focusing on the inner beauty of the women. True beauty lies within. I want to thank Shama Bhangu, Navneet Kaur and Shanijhi Awaaz radio for hosting me at the event and for the fabulous work they do for our community. I want to congratulate Avninder Kaur and Harpreet Kaur for receiving the crowns for Miss and Mrs Punjaban respectively.