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Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan): This year Sundarkand Paath, the live musical recitation of the fifth chapter of Shree Ram Charit
Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan): My constituency question is directed to the Minister for Water and Minister for Police, the Honourable
Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan): My adjournment matter is directed to the Honourable Ben Carroll, MP, Minister for Public Transport and
Ms VAGHELA: On another note, it was a pleasure to attend an auspicious event for the Lord Parashuram Janmotsav celebrations
Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan): Ramadan, the holy month of fasting which commenced this year on 2 April, concluded with the celebration
Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan) (11:14): Good Friday and Easter are soon approaching. The world’s Christian community commemorates the crucifixion of