Chhath Puja | Members Statement

Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan):

Many people of Hindu faith observed the Chhath Puja on 10 November 2021. Chhath Puja is an ancient Hindu Vedic festival dedicated to the Lord Surya, the sun deity. The sun is the basis of all life’s creatures on this beautiful earth, and through this festival devotees thank the sun. People pray to Lord Surya, thanking him for bestowing the bounties of life onto them. They also seek blessings and ask for continued showering of abundance. Indians from the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, along with the Nepalese community, celebrate this festival with much enthusiasm. Celebrated after Diwali, Chhath Puja is observed over four days. When celebrating, devotees fast for 36 hours without drinking water or eating food. Devotees clean their homes and their surroundings thoroughly. They also take holy baths in rivers and lakes. On the final day of the festival devotees pray to the rising sun, standing with their feet dipped in the water, concluding their fast. Several legends are associated with the origin of Chhath Puja, many found in ancient Hindu texts. It is one of the oldest festivals celebrated in the Hindu religion. It is a very unique expression of acknowledgement towards the sun. It strengthens our relationship with Mother Nature. Our environment is very fragile, and we have to make sure that we preserve it. I wish all those who celebrate it a happy Chhath Puja. I pray that all your families are blessed with years of joy, peace, love and prosperity.