His Holiness Sri Hariprasad Swamiji | Members Statements


Incorporated pursuant to order of Council earlier this day:

I would take this moment to express my condolences on the demise of His Holiness Sri Hariprasad Swamiji, the founder of Yogi Divine Society (YDS), on Monday, 26 July, at 11.00 pm in Vadodara in the Indian state of Gujarat. Sri Swamiji was also the spiritual head of Atmiya Samaj and the head of Haridham Sokhada Swaminarayan Temple. Sri Swamiji has established organisations in 25 national regions across India. Sri Swamiji has inspired and guided countless people in the community to serve the society and the needy people selflessly.

Humanitarian and charity work of the organisation under Sri Swamiji’s guidance include medical care, moral and social care, education, relief work and environmental care, and these commendable works are helping millions of people in India. Sri Swamiji’s immense contribution to inspire youth in the field of education and his work to spread the spirituality across the globe are truly inspiring. Sri Swamiji is an enlightened saint who spent 56 years as a monk serving the humanity. His mission and spiritual teachings will be the guiding path to his disciples, followers and the community. It provides strength to YDS members and volunteers to continue his legacy of serving the humanity. Under the guidance of their teacher, YDS Melbourne has been serving the people of Western Metropolitan Region and Victorians with their grassroots community work.

YDS Melbourne has conducted blood donation drives, youth education, food distribution and mental health support programs among other projects. YDS Melbourne also organises annual multicultural events, which are attended by communities across Victoria.

My humble prayers are with the YDS members here in Australia and around the globe to bear the loss of their spiritual master.