How new educational reform for students from 2023 be shared in Western Metropolitan Region? | Constituency Question

Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan):

My constituency question is directed to the Minister for Education, Minister for Mental Health and Deputy Premier, the Honourable James Merlino, MP. My question relates to the portfolio responsibilities of education.

New legislation was introduced in the Parliament to deliver two new avenues for students in their final years of school from 2023. This reform will be providing outstanding education alongside workplace experiences to set students up for further education or employment.

The Victorian certificate of education vocational major is a new two-year vocational pathway program that will replace intermediate and senior VCAL and will be embedded in the VCE system. Students enrolled in this major will have access to an enriched curriculum, which includes practical workplace experiences which are relevant to their career goals. Further, the Victorian pathways certificate will replace foundation VCAL with the intention to support students to transition either to the VCE or to entry level VET or employment.

My question to the minister is: how will this important educational reform be shared with constituents and students in my electorate of the Western Metropolitan Region?

The Andrews Labor government is supporting every Victorian student to get the skills they need for the job they want, whether that’s going on to further education or straight into the workforce.