Duke Street Community House | Members Statement

Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan) (10:02:26): I am going to speak about the Neighbourhood House Week celebration. I had the honour of attending the Neighbourhood House Week celebration held on 13 May 2019 at Duke Street Community House in Sunshine, which falls within my electorate. I was joined by Katie Hall, the member for Footscray. The event was to announce and celebrate the community grant awarded to Duke Street Community House, Sunshine, for their Create, Make, Shine project. In 2018 Duke Street Community House conceived the Create, Make, Shine project to enable individuals from Melbourne’s western suburbs to effectively use information technology. The Victorian government has awarded Duke Street Community House a $199 100 grant to fund the project. The funding for the Create, Make, Shine project will be used to refurbish learning spaces and purchase the necessary IT equipment to deliver the services used by people in the house. The project is expected to make a sizeable and impactful difference within the local community. The funding further supports the shared aim of generating opportunity, building stronger communities and creating a fairer Victoria. I thank Duke Street Community House for organising such an event, and look forward to visiting the centre on many occasions in the future and seeing the refurbished house.