Tribute to Sri Hari Julka | Members Statement

Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan): I would like to take this moment to pay my respects to Shri Hari Julkaji, a prominent member of the Indian-Australian community who passed away on 1 August at the age of 72. Mr Julkaji was the founding member and a secretary of Sri Durga Mandir, the Hindu temple in Rockbank, Melbourne. Sri Durga Mandir is one of the biggest Hindu temples in Australia. Mr Julkaji was a highly respected and loved member of the Indian community. As a secretary on the executive committee of the temple, his contribution to making the temple a prominent place within the diverse Indian community is commendable. Along with overseeing the religious activities for almost two decades, Mr Julkaji contributed to other community initiatives by the temple, such as yoga classes, free health check-ups and food donations, among other charitable work. An engineer by profession, Mr Julkaji was a compassionate, caring and insightful person. I had the pleasure of working with Mr Julkaji on various occasions over many years. He will be remembered by the members of our Hindu community for decades to come, and with a heavy heart I offer my deepest condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with family members of Mr Julkaji and members of the Indian Australian community in Victoria. May his spirit of selfless service be his legacy for the community members and volunteers of the temple. May his soul rest in peace.