Virgin Mary Mosque Fundraiser | Members Statement

Virgin Mary Mosque Fundraiser – Kaushaliya Vaghela MP

VIRGIN MARY MOSQUE FUNDRAISERI joined Sarah Connolly, Member for Tarneit, to a visit to the Virgin Mary Mosque. The mosque conducted a fundraiser for bushfire affected community.At times when our fellow citizens need help, it is very heartening to see people from all backgrounds want to help in whatever ways they can. #KaushaliyaMP

Posted by Kaushaliya Vaghela MP on Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan Region): On another note, I visited the Virgin Mary Mosque in Hoppers Crossing with Sarah Connolly, the member for Tarneit. The event was organised to raise funds for the bushfire-affected communities. The community showed generosity and showed us that the Victorian community, regardless of their faith or cultural background, is together. Through working together we will be able to make a quick and robust recovery. Thanks to Imam Abdulla Hawari and his team for organising the event. I thank the community for its commitment.