Wyndham Citizenship Ceremony | Members Statement

Ms VAGHELA: On 26 January 2019 I was pleased to attend the annual Australia Day citizenship ceremony hosted by Wyndham City Council in the Western Metropolitan Region. This was the first citizenship ceremony I had attended since I was elected as a member of Parliament. I was joined by the member for Tarneit, Sarah Connolly, our local federal MP, Joanne Ryan, the mayor of Wyndham City Council, Cr Mia Shaw, and other Wyndham city councillors and council staff. Over 120 residents from various countries took their citizenship pledge and became citizens of our great nation. As a migrant who once stood in their shoes approximately 17 years ago, I was delighted to witness these individuals conclude the final steps of their journey. This moment reminded me of the feeling of accomplishment that I experienced when I received my Australian citizenship. Western Metropolitan Region is renowned for its dynamic, multicultural and diverse population. This ceremony was a true reflection of the people of Western Metropolitan Region; we are a remarkable example of multiculturalism and diversity. I congratulate and warmly welcome the new citizens to our wonderful community. I am privileged to have been given the opportunity to represent them in Parliament, and I am looking forward to serving them.