Wyndham Interfaith Network | Members Statement

Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan): On another matter, I was delighted to attend the multifaith dinner event hosted by the Wyndham Interfaith Network in my electorate. This annual event is a congregation of people from all faiths to represent and celebrate the spirit of unity in diversity and universal brotherhood. The performances were diverse and colourful and expressed the spirit of oneness, and everyone truly felt that we were all part of one big global family of humans. The keynote speech on social inclusion and faith communities was a powerful message for all to raise awareness of the need to protect and care for our planet and treat all beings with love and respect. I was joined by Mr Bhakta Dasa, chairperson of the Wyndham Interfaith Network, and Bishop Philip Huggins from the Anglican Church of Australia along with other religious and spiritual members from the Hindu, Muslim, Baha’i, Christian, Jewish and Sikh communities. These types of events are a great platform to celebrate our vibrant community while embracing one another in unity and friendship.