Onam Festival- Kerala Hindu Society Melbourne & Hindu Dharma Community Melbourne | Members Statement

 Onam is a harvest festival that is typically celebrated in the state of Kerala in India, and by the Malayalee community around the world.

This is being supported by many organisations like Kerala Hindu Society Melbourne (KHSM) and Hindu Dharma Community Melbourne (HDCM)—they both have gone to online celebrations of events like Onam.

This year Onam is being celebrated between 22 August and 2 September. However, this year’s celebrations are a little different. Through their online format of celebrations, the community can engage, celebrate and stay in touch with their friends and family.

 This is a very forward-thinking step, and I wish to congratulate both organisations for their decision to celebrate Onam in an online format.

No matter where one is in the chain of fighting the pandemic, our appreciation, gratitude and respect is with them. Together we can and we will get through this difficult time.