Police Station in Wyndham Vale | Constituency Question & Response

Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan) (12:46): My constituency question is directed to the Honourable Lisa Neville MP, the Minister for Police and Minister for Water. My question relates to the portfolio responsibilities of police. Thousands of people are choosing Wyndham Vale and surroundings suburbs as the place to build their homes and families. The community is growing immensely, and the infrastructure needs to catch up. There are several constituents who are concerned about rising crime in their local area and the need for a police station. While the government has upgraded the existing Werribee police station, it is still not meeting the demand of the growing community. There remains the need for a police station in Wyndham Vale. Action must be taken to address the safety concerns of the local residents. People deserve to feel safe in their homes and when they are out and about in their neighbourhoods. My question to the minister is: can the minister advise me when the government will commit to building a police station in Wyndham Vale, Manor Lakes or the surrounding suburbs with growing populations in Western Metropolitan Region?


Lisa Neville MP, Minister for Police(19 April 2022):

The Victorian Government is giving Victoria Police the resources it needs to keep our growing community safe. Across Victoria, communities are seeing an increased police presence in their area with the roll-out of additional frontline police across the state. The government’s record $3.8 billion police investment has delivered 3,135 new sworn police officers, as well as state-of the-art intelligence systems, new technology, new and upgraded police stations, and stronger laws. As a part of this investment, the Westgate Division, which services the Wyndham Local Government Area, has received an additional 144 sworn police since 2016.

The new Werribee Police Complex provides police officers in the region the facilities they need to support the Wyndham community and has been designed to support the population growth across Melbourne’s west. The purpose-built complex can accommodate more than 460 staff and police officers, including the Uniform Branch, Crime Investigation Unit, Divisional Response Unit, Proactive Programs Unit, Crime Scenes Unit, Family Violence Investigations Unit and the Transit Safety Unit amongst others. Designed as a gateway building for the Justice Precinct, the Werribee Police Complex is over 6000m2, highly visible and accessible to the public. The Justice Precinct integrates a number of services within the one location, including policing, courts, health and council services.

The Victorian Government continues to work closely with the Chief Commissioner of Police on future infrastructure needs.