Inquiry into Firearms Prohibition Legislation | Legal and Social Issues Committee

Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan) : I too rise to speak on the report of the inquiry into firearms prohibition legislation presented by Ms Patten. Being part of the Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee, I have participated in the inquiry into firearms prohibition legislation. Pursuant to sessional order 22, the Legal and Social Issues Standing Committee was required to inquire into and report to the Legislative Council on the operation of the Firearms Amendment Act 2018 in relation to firearm prohibition orders.
The committee was also asked to examine ways to further strengthen the effectiveness of legislation in reducing the incidence of illicit or illegally possessed firearms within the community, particularly illicit black market handguns and long arms possessed by criminal organisations.
The committee also considered the relevance of emerging technologies such as 3D printing in relation to firearms possession. This report on the inquiry into firearms prohibition legislation is the result of extensive research and community consultation by the Legislative Council’s Standing Committee on Legal and Social Issues at the Parliament of Victoria.
It was a great experience to work with my parliamentary colleagues on this committee. I would like to thank the chair, the deputy chair and particularly the secretariat of the committee for their tremendous work. I am looking forward to the government’s response, which will continue to keep our community safe by looking into the findings and recommendations outlined in the report.