Women’s Health West | Members Statement

Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan) (09:46:15): On 27 February I was delighted to visit the Women’s Health West organisation alongside my parliamentary colleagues. I had the pleasure of meeting their CEO, Dr Robyn Gregory, and staff to view a series of presentations organised by their integrated family violence service and strategy, advocacy and community engagement streams. Women’s Health West is a health service for the women in my constituency which strives for justice and equality for women of the west. Together they work for change by supporting women and their children to lead safe and healthy lives and by changing the conditions that cause and continue inequality and injustice, as outlined in the mission statement. I was proud to witness firsthand the fantastic services they offer and their vital projects for the future, including their action for equality strategy. Their service to our community is invaluable, and I would personally like to commend Dr Gregory and her colleagues for their tireless work and dedication to making a positive change to the lives of women and their children in the west. No woman should ever be made to feel inferior because of their gender. As a woman in the Victorian Parliament, I look forward to working with Women’s Health West to achieve their vision of justice and equality for women and, furthermore, assisting the Andrews Labor government with its commitment to ending gender inequality and violence against women. On behalf of my colleagues and myself I would like to thank Dr Gregory and her staff for hosting us and for their hospitality.