Work That Matters | Constituency Question

Ms VAGHELA (Western Metropolitan):

My constituency question is directed to the Honourable Luke Donnellan, MP. My question relates to the minister’s portfolio responsibilities for disability, ageing and carers.

The Work That Matters campaign is aiming to match the growing demand for disability support workers in Victoria through developing a strong and skilled disability workforce. The campaign forms part of the Andrews Labor government’s $26 million workforce plan for the NDIS, ‘Keeping our sector strong’, to support the federal government, which is responsible for the NDIS.

The campaign is running on radio, print and online and includes a new online hub with resources and information to support entrants into the disability sector, help current employees progress their career, and employers recruit workers. This campaign is aiming to expand the size and capability of Victoria’s disability workforce and highlight the crucial work carried out every day by the thousands of people that make up Victoria’s diverse disability support workforce.

My question to the minister is: can the minister please provide an update on how this initiative benefits my constituents of Western Metropolitan Region? Can the minister also advise the types of disability support workers that are most needed in the Western Metropolitan Region?